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PCBest Networks VoIP Recorder 2.12

Release: PCBest.Networks.VoIP.Recorder.2.12

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PCBest Networks VoIP Recorder 2.12 | 12.4 MB
A passive recording solution which can efficiently record
200+ simultaneous calls. Support most VoIP protocols
and devices. Affordable price.Features:1. Sniffing
network traffic, real-time monitoring and recording VoIP
calls for any hardware phones, software phones, IPPBX
and VoIP devices.
2. Recording SIP calls into wav, mp3 and xml files. XML
files contain caller, callee, call start time, call duration and
audio file path information.
3. Supporting PCMU(G711 mulaw), PCMA(G711 alaw),
G726-32, GSM, G729, Speex, iLBC(20ms or 30ms).
4. Filtering calls by Call ID ,or IP address, or MAC
5. Supporting protocol SIP, H323, MGSCP, SKINNY,
6. Compatible with most brands(Asterisk, Cisco,
Samsung, Linksys, Snom, Grandstream…).
7. Working with MS SQL Server. Support searching calls in
8. Reading Wireshark pcap file as input.
9. Running as Windows service in background.
10. Real-time monitoring and listening to the recording
11. Caller or Callee ID mapping.
12. With source code and SDK package to integrate into
your own software, or languange. Samples contain
VC++, C#, vb6, vb.net, BCB6, Delphi.
13. Pause/Resume recording by DTMF key
14. Recording each leg of call into separated wav files.
15. Complex SearchOS : Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7,
Windows 8 and Windows 10
Language : EnglishHome Page - [url]

PCBest Networks VoIP Recorder 2.12


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