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AIR Music Technology Ignite 1.4.1

Release: AIR.Music.Technology.Ignite.1.4.1

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AIR Music Technology Ignite 1.4.1 | 837 Mb
Featuring the new MIDI Learn Mode, Ignite 1.4.1 lets
you write, record, and produce music with your favorite
keyboard controller. Inspiring Sounds
Ignite includes over 275 instruments, many of which are
taken from our renowned instrument collections -
including Strike, Structure, and Velvet. All sounds have
been optimized to load quickly, and the editing controls
are automatically mapped to your Ignite supported
keyboard. These extraordinary sounds include
keyboards, drums, percussion, basses, guitars, synths,
strings, brass, and woodwinds.Audio Appeal
In addition to hundreds of onboard instruments and
extensive MIDI control, Ignite supports two tracks of
simultaneous audio recording, such as guitar and voice, a
stereo workstation, bass and guitar, etc. Effects can be
added to any audio track, and time stretchingÔÇôpowered
by Radius from iZotopeÔÇôis also provided.Powerful
Creative Tools
Ignite features Smart MIDI technology to help jump-start
your ideas and enhance your music-making skills. The
Chord Player generates a chord pattern from a single
key, while the Phrase Player can provide a single-voice
line to add to your composition. Both the Chord and
Phrase player include dozens of patterns in modern music
genres - these aren't canned, boring MIDI patterns.
Tailor the performance of these Players by adjusting feel,
speed and intensity. The Flexible arpeggiator plays held
notes individually, either as a musical flourish or in a
rhythmic pattern.Instant Integration with Select Alesis,
AKAI Professional, and M-Audio Keyboards
Simply connect any Ignite supported keyboard or
controller to your computer, and Ignite provides seamless
integration. The keyboard is automatically detected and
controls are automatically mapped when connected to
your computer. Swapping keyboards? The controls are
automatically updated and mapped. Open the SPECS tab
for an up-to-date list of Ignite supported
keyboards.Share Your Passion
Share your latest creation with friends, fans, and family -
or collaborate with other musicians - by taking advantage
of direct uploads to SoundCloud. Plus, you can export
your individual audio (WAV) and MIDI files, which can
then be imported into any computer-based recording
software - including Pro
Page - [url]http://www.airmusictech.com[/url][color=#
0000ff]If Links are broken, PM me! Files will be
reuploaded ASAP :)No mirrors please

AIR Music Technology Ignite 1.4.1


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