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FaceRig is a program that aims to enable anyone with a webcam to digitally embody awesome characters. The output can be recorded as a movie or streamed to Skype, Twitch, Hangouts or any service that traditionally uses a webcam in real time. FaceRig is currently still in development. The FaceRig Pro DLC is designed for people who wish to earn money by posting FaceRig generated content online.

The differences between the basic version and the Pro DLC are:
- with FaceRig Classic, you are allowed to monetize videos on Youtube/Twitch or similar only as long as you make less than $500 monthly revenue generated from the channels where you post this content. This includes ad-based revenue and voluntary donations (one time or recurrent such as a Patreon).
- with the FaceRig Pro DLC, you are allowed to monetize videos on Youtube/Twitch regardless of the monthly revenue.
- content created with FaceRig Classic that is made public is governed by the Creative Commons license, while content created with the Pro DLC can be made available under whatever license you see fit, as long as it's not being directly sold (see below for unrestricted commercial use - with FaceRig Studio).
- FaceRig Pro does not bring new assets, technical features or improvements to FaceRig Classic. If you only want to use it for fun, with friends and family there is no reason why you would need the more expensive Pro DLC, except if you want to further support the FaceRig development effort.


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