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Release: Squareface-SKIDROW

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Scarface says hello to the little PSP in this adaptation of the 1983 cult-classic film starring Al Pacino as Cuban drug dealer Tony Montoya. Unlike the console versions, which offer action-oriented gameplay in a freeform version of Miami, Scarface for PSP emphasizes turn-based strategy with real-time combat. The object is to reclaim Miami from rival cartels as players strive to become the sole kingpin of the drug trade. The story-driven single-player mode consists of multiple missions inspired by key sequences in the film. Decisions will be made regarding the business aspects of the drug trade, from purchasing cocaine and selling it at a markup, to hiring henchmen, sending out pushers, and making "power moves" on the competition. Showdowns between dealers are played out in real-time combat sequences, with highly coveted turf awarded to the victor. Scarface for PSP also includes wireless support for up to four aspiring cartel owners, with the goal being to earn enough money and territory to dominate Miami's streets.


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