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Ghouls Night Out 2 Dr Rotten

Release: Ghouls.Night.Out.2.Dr.Rotten.GERMAN.2011.DVDDRIP.X264-AMBASSADOR

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Larue Donavan is a bookstore owner by day and psychic medium ghost buster by night. Just when she thought she’d gotten rid of the pesky ghosts following her, a new ghostly entourage has appeared. Her new group of ghoul friends includes a celebrity…the ghost of Mae West. And does Mae ever have dating advice for Larue! When a stranger shows up in Magnolia, Kentucky, things take a turn for the worse. Larue’s new love interest, Callahan Weiss, barista extraordinaire, isn’t sure if Larue is interested in what he’s got brewing. Something weird is going on in town and Larue’s best friend, Mindy, is in danger. Has a demon followed Larue home from an investigation? Is the new man in town to blame for the strange occurrences? Not only is Larue trying to save Mindy, but the coven leader wants Larue to use her new spellbinding talents and become a full-time witch. Larue’s not sure she’s ready for her new paranormal gift though. If Larue doesn’t find the source of the evil soon, she may lose all she holds dear.Books available by Rose Pressey:Halloween LaVeau Series:Book 1: Forever CharmedBook 2: Charmed Again (pre-order now)Larue Donavan Series:Book 1: Me and My GhoulfriendsBook 2: Ghouls Night OutBook 3: The Ghoul Next DoorRylie Cruz Series:Book 1: How to Date a WerewolfBook 2: How to Date a VampireBook 3: How to Date a DemonMystic Cafe Series:Book 1: No Shoes, No Shirt, No SpellsBook 2: Pies and PotionsVeronica Mason Series:Book 1: Rock 'n' Roll is UndeadTrash to Treasure Crafting Mystery Series:Book 1: Murder at Honeysuckle HotelHaunted Renovation Mystery Series:Book 1: Flip That Haunted HouseBook 2: The Haunted Fixer-UpperSign up to receive emails when new books are released: rosepressey.com/blog/contact-me/Visit Rose's website at rosepressey.comFollow Rose on Twitter at twitter.com/rosepresseyJoin Rose on Facebook at facebook.com/rosepressey


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